The weather has got colder, the night draws in faster, and the Festive Season is approaching. London is a magical place around this time of year with celebrations and times of joy.

There are many things to do around Euston, Kings Cross, Camden Town and the West End to celebrate the nearing of the end of 2018.

The British Museum is always an impressive museum to visit with its historical and free exhibitions. The Bloomsbury Theatre or the Charles Dickins Museum, or the truly interesting Wellcome Collection.


It’s also a busy time with shopping, for gifts and treats. As the cold sets in it’s a good idea to keep warm – either indoors at one of Euston’s museums or shops, or some warm food.

Drummond Street is home to some of the UK’s best Indian and Bangladeshi restaurants serving warm, freshly prepared meals all following traditional recipes. Restaurants such as Ravi Shankar, Chutney’s or Diwana are all well worth a visit, or try some incredible Italian food from Brizzi’s, some Asian food from BinBin Q, or the delightful African Kitchen.

Xmas in Drummond St-19

Top off the meal with some shopping – traditional Indian sweets from Ambala, or flavoursome spices from Indian Spice Shop, or heath products (perhaps planning a new year detox?) from Bio-Organix.

Xmas in Drummond St-9

All that said, nothing beats a day of shopping and sight-seeing in London followed by a nice, warm meal at Drummond Street.

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