The Festive Season is here, and most people are winding down for celebrations. When you’re ready to take a break from it all, you might need one of the best curries you’ve ever had.

Drummond Street is a 2-minute walk from Euston Station, and a short bus ride from Camden Town. Here you will find that the restaurants and shops are very much in the festive mood. If it’s cold and you’re just not in the mood for spending even more time in the kitchen, the restaurant owners will treat you with their traditional cooking skills.

Drummond Street Diwana

There are various types of restaurants on Drummond Street, but it’s best known as Camden’s ‘Brick Lane’ with Indian and Bangladeshi restaurants. However, you can also try some incredible Italian, Korean and African food too.

Drummond St-20

Just get to Drummond Street, take a walk and choose which restaurant takes your fancy. Stock up on some spices, Indian sweets, and some of the best Indian food you’ll find in the UK.

Drummond Street cupcake

How to get there? Just check the map below.

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