Camden Town

Golden Lion front

May 17: Camden opens up!

How excited are we? May 17th is a big day for the UK with pubs, restaurants, and shops reopening. Because of a certain virus (you might be aware of it) many businesses have had to close their doors until it was felt safe enough to reopen. Boris set…

Pollution Absorbing Public Sculpture erected in Camden

Business partnership Euston Town is unveiling a climate change-inspired sculpture by artist and physicist Jasmine Pradissitto, on the renowned Camden People’s Theatre at the entrance of Drummond Street, Euston. The innovative material NoxTek, which absorbs nitrogen dioxide from car fumes and transforms it into a harmless gas, signifies…

The Black Heart pub MIGHT reopen

Camden’s famous The Black Heart pub and music venue stands a chance of reopening, but they need your help. The Black Heart has been closed for the past few years and they have turned to CROWDFUNDING to raise funds. They need to raise £150,000 by the end of…