The London Underground system is a super impressive matrix of worm-like tunnels, flowing veins of transport across the city of London. It’s a simply amazing network of infrastructure and skilled design. But that does the underground system look like, especially underneath the Camden Town underground station?

We’ve done our research and found out that its way more mind-blowing than we could ever have expected.

The perspective: The Northern Line runs through Camden Town. Here you get the northbound Northern Line to Edgware, and another line to High Barnet. Going southbound it leads to Kennington or further to Morden via the Charing Cross or Bank Branches. That’s quite a lot of lines all going through one fairly small space. What does it look like?

These images below show exactly how the tunnels run, which direction, and how they split off in different directions.

camden town underground
Camden Town Northern Line network


The Northern Line, because it’s vertical, is often referred to as “the spine of London” and Camden Town is an important vertebrae.

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