The people trying to run the Crossrail project aren’t doing a particularly good job – it’s running late, way over budget, and it seems we’ll never see the end of it. This is also affecting Camden Town station.

According to Transport For London’s five-year business plan for Crossrail the upgrade works have been “discontinued.”

A £136 million upgrade was announced and planned. The delay is said to be of a cost of £1.6bn and £2bn, and the bosses of Crossrail are not able to confirm an opening date for the line.

Camden Town Station

The results are that many Londoner’s will face continued delays to their journeys and more overcrowding on trains.

The powers-that-be seem to be getting away with murder, with many Londoners and visitors alike having to be at the receiving end of their lack of planning and ability to deliver the Crossrail project on time and on budget.

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