You know the famous bridge in Camden that reads “Camden Town” in white letters on the blue bridge near Camden Road overground station. It’s been disused for years, as there is a fully functioning line parallel to it. So, there’s some exciting news…

A new green space is planned on the 8 metre high, 18 metre wide bridge, turning it into an environmentally friends space, but also useful for pedestrians.

The organisers have successfully raised a crowdfunding of £64 000, a big step towards seeing this dream become a reality. The route is planned to start at Kentish Town Road and run through to Caledonian Road towards Camley Street, which is very close to Kings Cross. Finally, a footpath that’s beautiful and direct for pedestrians. Of course, this will turn into a tourist attraction too, as is the case with the New York High Line.


A note from the organisers of the crowd funding project.

We’re very excited about this Camden High Line, and fully support it.

Find out more at Camden High Line.

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