More than 17,000 people from across the UK participated in a survey asking about aspects of where they live, about the community spirit, and local services all considered. Camden Town features highly!

Camden Town comes a respectable third in the full list. This is because of the friendliness, the culture and history, the community, and of course the excitement with so many things to do.

Only Richmond upon Thames and Bromley rank higher than Camden on the list.

Camden High Street

Happiest Places To Live In London:
1. Richmond upon Thames
2. Bromley
3. Camden
4. Hackney
5. Waltham Forest
6. Sutton
7. Wandsworth
8. Southwark
9. Greenwich
10. Westminster


We’ve done our research to see just how large London is compared to other major cities. Surprisingly London is in 23rd place with 8,673,713 people – which is a huge amount. Compare that to Shangai in 1st with over 24 million, Beijing with 21 million, Delhi and Lagos with 16 million. However those cities don’t have Camden Town like London!

London Skyline
London is a pretty huge place

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