The traders at Camden Market sure do work hard, with most shops and stalls being open every day of the year. However, they are treated to one special day off.

The only day that Camden Market is closed throughout the year is Christmas Day. Let’s take a look at the opening times.

Camden Lock bridge

The market is open on the 24th until 4pm, closed Christmas Day, and then reopens on the 26th. It’s even open on New Year’s Day!

Planning a trip to the Stables Market? Check the opening times below:

24 December 2018: 10am – 4pm
25 December 2018: CLOSED
26 December 2018: 10am – 6pm
27 December 2018: 10am – 6pm
28 December 2018: 10am – 7pm
29 December 2018: 10am – 7pm
30 December 2018: 10am – 7pm
31 December 2018: 10am – 4pm
1 January 2019: 10am – 6pm

Be friendly to the traders, they’re there to earn a living and serve you around the Christmas season. Give them a smile and a high five!

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