Camden High Line is an exciting new project to develop one of the disused bridges.

The Camden High Line project aims to transform a disused railway between Camden and Kings Cross and turn it into a sustainable green space for locals and visitors to enjoy.

camden high line

We see this as making the most of the situation and it could have a wonderful outcome.

To make this happen, the organisers are accepting donations to make the project a reality. Once you donate you become a Friend of the Highline (with some nice perks!) The money raised will go towards getting the necessary permissions, and towards the cost of the work needed.

We encourage Camdeners and visitors to donate. You’ll be able to one day say that you were a part of the team that made it happen.

Donate by clicking this link.

Councillor Georgia Gould, Leader of Camden Council says:

“The Camden Highline is a really exciting proposal which is capturing the public imagination and would contribute to the Council’s ambition to improve links between Camden Town, Camley Street and King’s Cross. The Council is ready to work with those behind the project as it moves forward.”

Read more at the Camden High Line website.

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