A new partnership has been set up with local businesses, organisations and residents to outline what they would like Camden to be like in 2025.

Thousands of people got together to discuss future plans and objectives and their goals for Camden over the upcoming years.

The outcome is the borough’s Cabinet members have a new vision for the borough, which can involve everyone who is a part of the community.

Their top objectives are:
  • In 2025, everyone in Camden should have a place they call home.
  • In 2025, growth in Camden should be strong and inclusive – everyone should be able to access the work that is right for them.
  • In 2025, Camden should be safe, strong and open, and everyone should be able to contribute to their community.
  • In 2025, air pollution levels should be reduced substantially.
  • In 2025, everyone in Camden should be able to live a healthy, independent life.

Camden Market

See more about their objectives on the Camden 2025 website.

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