Buck Street Market in Camden will reopen after the COVID-19 shutdown.

The Buck Street Market was open only for a few weeks before the Coronavirus made its way through the air. All of the new shops and stalls had to close their doors.

July 15th is the big day when the traders will return. And, boy, there are some amazing places to visit.

Camden Buck Street Market
The look of the new ‘Container Market’ on Busk Street.

They have placed arrows on the ground, hand sanitisers across the market, and single-direction staircases. Put on your masks, obey the rules, and you’ll get some fantastic shopping done, safely.

Buck Street Market features 26 sustainable food stalls, all with a vegetarian or vegan option. There are also over 50 ethical clothing shops. Even the market is made of recycled shipping containers!

Eat, shop, and enjoy visiting the Buck Street Market community.

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