It’s pretty darn cold outside this week, with temperatures hitting the negatives for the first time in a while in Camden Town. If you’re brave enough to head out into the cold, we’ve put a list of places together where you can do to defrost for a few minutes.
  1. Hygge Pygge

This local café is a bit of a treasure – they serve warm coffee and have a healthy lunch menu too. Importantly, it’s cosy and warm so you can take your gloves off and enjoy the warmth.

Hygge Pygge Coffee from Camden Town

  1. Leyas

We love this café, the food is great and it’s a good friendly place to hang out. Grab a table, get a drink and a sandwich, and avoid the ice on the paths outside.


  1. The Blues Kitchen

Pop in for a few minutes if it feels like your nose is going to freeze off. While you’re there you should take a look at their menu – a few chicken wings with a pint will go down well.

Blues Kitchen Camden

  1. Spread Eagle Camden

The Spread Eagle has a homely atmosphere and it’s definitely worth sitting down and ordering a drink. Very nice and heated inside.

spread eagle camden

  1. Dr Martens Store Camden

The Doc Martens store is in the Stables Market, so if you’re walking around and feel that your legs are half frozen, the Dr Martens store should help your blood start to flow again.

doc martens store

  1. Traid Camden

Traid is a charity shop with a decent heating system. They’re at 154 Camden High Street, and while you’re there you can maybe even pick up a nice warm jacket at a good price.

traid Camden

Dress warm, enjoy the sights, and don’t slip on the ice out there!

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