Camden Town has the richest musical heritage of any town in Europe, or quite possibly even the world. Bands like The Cure, Oasis, Blur, Coldplay, Madonna, Amy Winehouse, The Strokes, Pink Floyd are just some who have played in Camden Town. There are many gigs happening each night. Here are some of the places to get some live action.
  1. The Dublin Castle

This truly legendary Camden music venue still rocks after many years of seeing great bands pass through. Take a chance, pay a small entrance fee and you might see the next big thing right here.

Dublin Castle Camden

  1. Spiritual Bar

The smallest venue on our list, however if regularly features top upcoming talent. A small stage in the corner has already seen some names that have broken through to enter the charts. Get one of their incredible cocktails which you watch the performers in action.

  1. The Monarch

For those about to rock, we salute you! Very few music venues rock harder than The Monarch, situated just across the Stables Market. Many of the bands that play here with end up playing much bigger international stages.


  1. KOKO

This beautiful venue, a landmark in Camden, has already seen many famous names pass through their doors. You can still take a punt and get a ticket on the door for a band you might not have heard of. If they’re playing at KOKO, big things are to come.

  1. Jazz Café

The Jazz Café is now even more marvellous that before since its recent refurbishment. Top international jazz, funk, fusion, R&B, soul and electronic bands perform here. It’s a wonderful place to see live music.

  1. Green Note Camden

No time wasting here, Green Note sees only the best musicians on their stage, with acoustic and folk bands, but also an interesting mix of singer / songwriters. Green Note will always offer a civilised evening of musical enjoyment.

Green Note Camden

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