Need to recharge your body after having walked through all of Camden’s markets? Why not sit down and slurp up a delicious milkshake. We’ve tried them all (need to get down to the gym though) and made a list of our favourite milkshake places in the area.

  1. Guanabana

The Caribbean and Latin food restaurant on Kentish Town Road is yummy, but damn their milkshakes are good! All the classic flavours served up in style.

  1. Spielburger

Up the road in Hampstead Village, Spielburger is an American styled diner serving good, thick milkshakes. Salted caramel popcorn milkshake, why not?

  1. The Diner

With a name like this you know what to expect. Burgers, hotdogs, and a fine milkshake. Berrylicious sounds like a healthy option, that’s what we had. Yum!

  1. Marine Ices

A Camden institution, Marine Ices are ice cream specialists so they know how to expertly makes a killer milkshake. Try them, you won’t regret it.

  1. Inhabition

We’ve been here a few times, and even when walking past without out the milkshake urge we just can’t help but swigging down one of their delights.

  1. Fatburger

How about Fatmilkshake? So good it’ll make you feel sick (in a good way). Five flavours of fabulousness in liquid form.

  1. Cereal Killer Café

In Camden’s Stables Market, this very different and fun location serves a mean ‘malt shake’. Peanut butter shake, go on, you know you want to.

  1. Band of Burgers

Juices and Mocktails step aside, we’re here for the milkshakes. Cookies & Cream or the Nutella shake, choices are sometimes tough to make.

All that made you hungry? Check out our list of restaurants in Camden Town.

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  1. Inhabition has the best shakes, they are also huge. Even people that don’t really like milkshakes like those. Best bang for the buck

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