Band of Burgers is all about great food, ambiance and the Camden vibe. Being in the heart of Camden has influenced their style and indeed the food as well.

At the restaurant you will get music, be able to create your own burger, and bring your own booze. They have premium Japanese Wagyu beef and also use Aberdeen Angus meat. People like burgers, so they have a menu that keeps things interesting, but you can still expect the classics.

Band of Burgers does a very tasty vegan burger which is proving to be very popular. Camden has more and more vegan restaurants and food options and proud to be a part of that. They also have 2 vegetarian burgers on the menu and regularly see non-vegetarians giving it a try.

band of burgers food

The customer can bring their own beer and wine to enjoy with the meal and there is no corkage fee to pay. Bring your own booze at its best!

Band of Burgers has quite a nice “build your own burger” option so those of you who are keen to get experimental with your burgers or customise it to suit your tastes.

The burgers are cooked over a charcoal grill which adds a nice bit of flavour, so overall the whole meal is appetising. The service from the staff and management is top class, so it’s good food in a vibrant setting. The food and atmosphere makes Band of Burgers a must visit.

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