An Italian food spot on Camden Road, Apulia Cafe, has caught our attention, mostly because of the inviting menu. We took a look and a bite, and caught up with the owners to find out more.

UPDATE: Apulia cafe has now closed down.

1. Tell us about the food at your Italian café.

Due to its geographical position, Puglia has benefitted from a very varied influence of neighbouring cultures. Warm and sunny weather, most of the year, coupled with the surrounding of the sea (Italy’s longest coastline), do the rest.

Those are the two main factors that have made the food from Puglia unique with excellent production in terms of wines, extra virgin olive oil, fruit, vegetables, wheat, seafood. Among a total of 50 million olive trees in the whole region, the oldest ones can be found in Valle d’Itria and exceptional vineyards, too.

They have always been appreciated and consumed locally, however, in the past, red wines of Puglia were considered, outside the Region, merely capable of enriching the alcohol content of the wines of the north. This negative image is now outdated and today Apulian wines are rewarded and recognised everywhere. Although a strong production of rosé and white wines exists, red ones represent the real quality and popularity of Apulian wines.

We have started trading at the beginning of December 2016 and within 9 months we have been able to establish our presence in the neighbourhood as well as build a solid base of returning customers, which is great.

We give our customers their favourite regional Italian independent cafe where everything, from food and beverages to the ambiance and customer interactions is excellent.

Can't wait to tuck in!

2. We really like your café, what do you feel makes this a special place for people in Camden to come and visit?

The comments we get from our customers are mostly about the friendly staff, the choice of wines, the location, and of course the food from the Puglian region.

3. What are your favourite dishes that you have on your menu?

As per our statement in our website, “It’s virtually impossible to try and summarise, in a menu, what the Heel of the Boot can offer. The variety of choice is so wide that any such attempt can easily become unnecessarily reductive.”

Every day we have a new favourite dish being that our special and, yes, we do cherish our leading actor being that the frisella and its versatility.



4. Tell us the secret, how do you make your food taste so good?!

We are the real deal, we have spent our childhood and youth in Puglia, absorbing everything that had to be absorbed in terms of culture and therefore in terms of food and beverage. It’s something rooted within us and, very simply, we just let that out with love. Daily.

5. What are some of your favourite things about being based in Camden Town?

We know how diverse this borough can be, though, first and foremost, the challenge presented to us by the fact that, the area of Camden where we are based is not the High Street and therefore all that we have achieved so far and we will in future is the solely the result of our effort to do good and be noticed, as opposed to being where the footfall is. Camden Road is currently undergoing phases of re-development and hence being valued more than it used to both by residents and by commuters. After so many years of residency here in the UK, it still amazes us to see how things can be very different at a very short distance within the same areas of London.

Well there you have it. We went, we ate, we were satisfied. What a truly lovely cafe, fresh Italian food, right in the heart of Camden Town. If you’re looking for Italian food in Camden Town, this might just be the spot for you.

Visit Apulia Cafe at

Address: 126 Camden Road NW1 9EE


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