Visitors to Camden Town this week would have noticed a new ‘street art’ on the side of an iconic building.

Alec Andon, from New York, USA, is the son of wealthy financiers, and as an artist he is known as ‘Alec Monopoly.’ His moniker is derived from the Monopoly board game Rich Uncle Pennybags, or ‘Mr Monopoly.’ He created one of his art works on the side of the historic large market hall in Camden.

This hasn’t gone down too well with Camden locals, many of whom wonder why this has been done, and by an international artist. The mural is also clearly tagged with the artist’s name.

Alec Andon’s website says “Alec Monopoly is the alias of an unidentified graffiti artist, originally from New York City” which suggests he’s trying to go down the mysterious route of the original, Banksy. However, Monopoly endorses many high-profile brands and appears in interviews. Not so ‘unidentified’ after all.

Above: Alec Monopoly not being very ‘unidentified.’

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