Coming to London and planning on staying near Camden Market? You’re in luck, there are plenty of places to stay in and around Camden. From hotels, hostels, bed and breakfasts, Camden Town has them all.


You can read other articles on where to stay in Camden Town for your visit, but here we’ll take a look at Airbnb. It’s become popular, cheaper than hotels, and for many it’s much more comfortable too.

We’ve had a browse on the Airbnb website to see what they offer and there are many locations available. From the small but neat, to the large and luxurious, depending on what your needs are, Airbnb has plenty of choice.

We would always recommend staying in a nice hotel in Camden Town, like The Enterprise, Holiday Inn Camden Town, Marriott Regents Park, or Melia White House Camden, because they’re great! If you’re an Airbnb person, you can click the link below to find an Airbnb for you.

Link: Airbnb Camden Town

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