Perhaps you weren’t aware of this: the national food of Great Britain is Indian food. In fact, chicken tikka masala has been called “a true British national dish.” If you’ve been reading our food articles you would have noticed that we like burgers quite a lot. Imagine our delight when we went to Camden’s KERB food market and tried Baba G’s Bhangra Burger. Camden food just got spicy.


Baba G’s combines traditional Indian flavours in the burger, with a choice of Crazy Lamb Jalfrezi Burger, Tikka Chicken Burger, the Nala Delhi Burger which we had, and even more to choose from. The ‘Naanwiches’ on their menu look quite mouth-watering too.

The Baba G’s Naanwich

Their Baba Bowls are an extra healthy option, the Butternut Scotch and Chickpea bowl is vegan and full of flavour. They also offer an extra protein topping for just £2.

Get yourself to the Camden KERB market, look out for the pink Baba G’s sign, and get ready to have a burger with a difference.

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