Smoky Corner, a new restaurant spot in Kentish Town, has opened – and means business. Beautifully decorated with a wine bar atmosphere, it’s a feast for the eyes and the soul. Whether you’re ordering for a family get-together, or crave a cheeky burger at the end of the day, they’ve got you covered.

The team at Smoky Corner are not your usual grill place – they took things to the next level. By using a Josper grill, a cutting-edge technology combined with the ancient Spanish cooking method of using covered fire pits, their meals have a primal and seductive taste.

Their selection of comforting, elevated burgers accompanied by hand-cut potato slices are a burger nirvana. Choose from beef, chicken, salmon, or a delicious vegan option to satisfy your foodie mood, and savour in their salad to add some freshness to your meal. Their dreamy lasagne with roast ham is sure to give you a high.

Smoky Corner also offer their delicious items in great value bundle deals, perfect for indoor meals to make your evenings more memorable while we keep soldiering through the pandemic.

To order food from Smoky Corner, visit them at Just Eat or find them on the Too Good To Go app to score some Earth-friendly goodness. Starting next week, you’ll be able to click and collect the food straight from the restaurant, with the option to get even better deals with a rewards card.

The restaurant is set to open for in-house meals as soon as the regulations allow it, complying with all safety regulations in place. With its comforting food in an environment that has a classy touch, it’s a great place for relaxed conversations at business meetings during the day or at a more intimate setting in the evening. It’s also the perfect opportunity for transitioning from the couch to the outside world. With their specially curated wine selection, the reunions with your favourite humans are sure to be special.

Article written by Martina Krajňáková.

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