Camden Town is a great place to live. It’s busy, it’s beautiful, it’s got it all. Here’s why Camden is an awesome place to live.

  1. The Energy

It has everything in a close proximity, but you can’t wake up in Camden Town wishing you were not here. There’s always something to do, people to meet, things to experience.

  1. The People

You will meet people in Camden Town, be they locals or tourists, from all countries around the world.

  1. Booze

There you go, we said it. Some of the best pubs in the world are found in Camden. A quiet pint or a night out on the lash (sorry, mum), Camden does it best.

  1. The Markets

This is what it’s most famous for, but even if you live in Camden it’s still a place of fascination and inspiration.

  1. The Food

Excellent restaurants in the area, and the food stalls in the market, you could live here for a lifetime and not have tried all the food on offer.

  1. The Quiet

Yes, Camden can be a very quiet place. A stroll along the canal, a run through Regent’s Park, a romantic stroll up to Primrose Hill.

  1. The Not-So-Quiet

Gigs. Every band dreams of playing a show at one of Camden’s many live music venues. Scream your head off as your favourite band shreds their best-known riffs.

  1. Street Art

A hot-pot of artistic talent is found here, and you can see this from the fabulous street art. Take a walk around, you’ll see the best art in London. And it’s free.

  1. Punks

Camden Town was the centre of the punk movement, and you’ll still see the punks ready to impress. Walk up to the bridge where they show off their mohawks.

  1. Fashion

As with the punks, you’ll see it all in Camden. Goths, anime, rave, pop, questionable, and outrageous. Nothing gets frowned upon.

  1. Amy Winehouse

The original Camden Girl. Heck, there’s even a statue dedicated to her in the Stables Market.

  1. Local Businesses

The restaurants, MTV, Camden Watch Company, and so many more have offices in Camden Town. If you live in Camden you might not have far to walk to get to work.

  1. Regent’s Canal

A lovely Sunday walk with a loved one (or to shake off that hangover), this stretch of beauty takes us back many centuries, and makes us jealous of all the expensive houses that we’ll never be able to afford.

  1. It’s close to Central London

It’s walking distance, and a ten minute bus ride. In fact, you can get anywhere pretty quickly with the underground and the bus routes.

  1. More Booze

Half Hitch Gin in the market, Camden Town Brewery just up the road. Why go international when you can go local.

  1. Exercise

Ever noticed the runners and cyclists getting fit around Regent’s Park? You’re welcome to do the same. Stay healthy.

  1. Creativity

You’ll never stop learning when you brush shoulders with musicians, artists, videographers, dancers, authors. So much creativity in one place.

  1. Coffee

Seriously, some of the best independent coffee shops in the world. Forget the chains, get your coffee from the markets. Or like we do from Tea & Glory. Incredible.

  1. Summer

Stop giggling at the back. London does get summer. And for those 3 days of sunshine we live it to the max. Skimpy clothing and a smile, that’s all you need.

  1. Love

As Bjork sand, “All is full of Love.” Camden is a community; we take care of each other. As someone who lives here you are welcomed, and as a tourist we welcome you.

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