The legendary 100 Club, the music venue on Oxford Street, has announced that they will no longer be listing stage times.

The move from the The 100 Club is supported by fans and bands alike. The venue has always been a big supporter of up-and-coming bands, and believe that all bands on the bill should have equal exposure.

The 100 Club has been around for over 75 years and has seen some of the biggest local and international bands play there. Such names include BB King, The Kings, The Clash, Metallica, Santigold, St Etienne, and many more.

100 club
Savages at their album launch at 100 Club.

The venue is located at 100 Oxford Street and plays a huge part in the UK’s musical history.

There has been talk of Camden venues following their example – bands work hard, travel far, and perform with all their energy, so it’s only fair that all bands get equal exposure.

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