Camden Council has installed over 100 bike hangars across the Borough of Camden in the past two years.

10 more bike hangars are planned to be installed in 2022, a scheme which makes it easier to cycle around London and a safe place to store your bike.

Each hangar can hold up to 6 bikes.

To request a hangar nearby to you just drop an e-mail to, with the location that you’ll wish the hangar to be, and also to book a space at a current hangar.

Get cycling, it’s healthy, fun, and now you have a space to store your bike too!

Camden Council, along with most councils in London, is promoting the use of bicycles to commute. More cycle lanes, more places to store bikes all across London will stimulate cycling more. Sometimes it’s quicker to go by bike than by car, or even public transport. Time to bike up!

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