Lockdown has eased, Camden Market and many shops in the area are in the process of reopening. Been spending too much time indoors? Here are a few things worth doing in Camden this month.
  1. Visit Camden Stables Market

Many of the traders have been back since June 15th with strict social distancing measures in place. Go support the amazing traders, shops, and food stalls.

  1. Get on down to Buck Street Market

Busk Street Market is Camden’s new, quite incredible eco-friendly market. Food, shops, gifts, so many things worth seeing. Highly recommended.

  1. Roundhouse Livestream

Live music at venues might be on hold for a while, so many have turned to the digital options. Roundhouse will stream an exclusive Lianne La Havas show on July 15th.

  1. See some new Amy Winehouse Street Art

Amy is still the Queen of Camden. This article shows where the new street art it.

  1. Help your local pub

The Dublin Castle needs your help, as do many Camden pubs. Got a spare fiver to put towards a good cause? The Dublin Castle is one of Camden’s most important pubs and music venues, and they could use your help right now.

dublin castle pub camden

  1. See the Camden Price crossing

Camden supports Pride, and has a street crossing in all the rainbow colours. Get your phone cameras out!

  1. Visit a Museum

A truly fascinating museum, The Foundling Museum was a hospital, the first children’s charity, and the UK’s first public art gallery.

  1. Go to a drive-in cinema!

It might be a while until cinemas are open. That’s not all bad news though, as a drive-in cinema is coming to the UK! In London there will be locations in south and east London. Get tickets now.

  1. Get a job at Camden Council

Camden Council employs many people in all sectors. The link above might well be the start to a new career.

  1. Game of cards?

The Charles Goodall & Son empire might not ring a bell nowadays, but their Camden based history still has an ongoing influence.

Camden Goodall Works
The Camden Works at its 1000-employee prime, producing over 2 million packs of playing cards annually.
The reduction of tax on playing cards in 1862 gave an immense stimulus to sales.

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